Allianz - Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Before you begin your journey

  • Check all the hygiene stuff off your list – booking tickets, accommodation, travel insurance, and getting your passport and visa sorted.
  • Take printouts. Lots of them. Carry at least 3 copies of your tickets, hotel bookings, insurance, and passport. Staple it, and file it.
  • Convert currency. It’s best to convert your money into US Dollars. It’s accepted in almost any country, and is easier to then exchange it in the local currency.
  • Get a medical check-up done, and pack basic medicines like painkillers, paracetamols, and antacids.
  • Find out the weather of your destination and pack accordingly. You don’t want to sweat, freeze or get drenched on your holiday.
  • Lock away all valuables. Put them in a safe deposit box in your bank, especially if there’s not going to be anyone at home when you travel.
  • Stay connected. Either activate international roaming on your number, or buy an international SIM card.
  • Check the luggage weight and seal it. It’ll save you the trouble of repacking at the airport, and stop people from slipping something in your bag.
  • Use covered luggage tags, and fill in your office address rather than your home address.

During your journey

  • Reach the airport well in advance. If your flight carrier asks you to reach 3 hours in advance, go 4 hours before. You’ll thanks us one day for this.
  • Reset your time zone. The best way to cut jetlag is to set the time to your destination zone when you enter the flight, and schedule your day accordingly.
  • Carry your own entertainment. Load your phone with music or videos. In-flight entertainment can sometimes be very boring.
  • Eat light. Don’t stuff yourself with freebies just because you can. The toilets are small, and mostly busy. You don’t want to keep visiting them.
  • Sleep. It’s the best way to kill time on long flights. You can catch up on all the sleep you’ve always complained you never get, and be rested for your holiday.
  • Learn the local language. Ask the flight attendants or fellow travellers for a few popular sentences. It’s fun and educative.
  • Wear flip-flops. Or at least carry a pair. You don’t want to stuff your feet in socks and shoes for hours on end.

Once you reach your destination

  • Hire a guide. There is no better way to explore a new place than with a local. Spend that extra money. It’ll be worth it.
  • Don’t wander. Alone, or at night. It’s best to stick with a group, and retire early. Unless the attraction is best enjoyed at night.
  • Don’t sleep in. A lot of people love their comfortable hotels so much, they forget they’ve come on a holiday to travel around. Make the most of the day.
  • Check the ingredients of your food. You might be allergic to stuff that’s not commonly used in your cuisine, but is present in the local grub.
  • Enjoy. Be in the moment. You’re on holiday. Away from your daily life. Leave it all behind, and don’t think about it on your trip.