Working at Allianz Global Assistance India

Working at Allianz Global Assistance India

Our culture

We have a strong assistance culture in Allianz Global Assistance—as an assistance company, helping people is our core business.

We are part of a global group who invests in people—professionally and personally. We know that the well-being of our employees is paramount to achieving our goals. Therefore a great deal of time is devoted to ensuring that there is a positive working environment, to identifying relevant learning and development needs, and to rewarding productivity and hard work.

Working together as a team and sharing ideas means everybody plays a part in our company's success and everybody has a say in shaping our future.


We believe in rewarding performance, initiative and behaviour which embodies our assistance culture. In addition to your basic salary, many positions offer the opportunity to earn regular bonuses as part of our incentives scheme—which reflect your individual and team progress, as well as the company’s overall success.

Allianz Global Assistance offers all the benefits and advantages you would expect from a world-class employer—globally thinking, locally oriented and people focused.

Learning and development

We committed to providing ongoing learning and development to ensure all our employees have the skills necessary to exceed client expectations at every opportunity.

We believe our company success depends on a qualified and skilled group of employees and exceptional leaders. Therefore we put great emphasis on training and continuous learning and development. We see this as an investment—not a cost.

Training in Allianz Global Assistance India is focused on the skills and competence development that is necessary to fulfil the job requirements to and do it better every time.

We also believe that group training and group learning can be a better investment because it emphasises shared goals, team work and internal networking. It also gives us an opportunity to link directly to our business strategies.

Finally, we believe that learning and development involves both external (formal) and on-the job (informal) activities. They are equally important.

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We currently have several career opportunities throughout our business functions including technical roles, Sales, Network Management and Assistance co-ordinator positions.