True Stories

  • 2009

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12/2/2009 - Repatriation of Japanese tourist visiting Tibet

A Japanese tourist, while visiting Tibet with a tour group, began to feel abnormal abdominal pain and decided to have it checked in a local hospital in the town of Ali. The doctor in charge diagnosed extremely low blood pressure and the possibility of internal bleeding.
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10/20/2009 - Accident can happen and do happen, especially keeping in mind our unsafe driving conditions

A leading industrialist from Hyderabad was caught in a similar incidence outside the city limits when his car met with an accident. Car was travelling at a very high speed and hit a tree and turned around, got hit again very badly by another car that was coming from the opposite direction.
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8/5/2009 - probably don't expect to end up being stuck in a strange land with a broken engine chamber

A family was travelling from Trichy to Madurai when they suddenly realized that there car has been hit by a stone underneath and oil was dropping. They tried to search around, but not only language created a barrier, there was nothing much around to get help from. Few frantic calls were even made to no end.
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2/7/2009 - French traveller suffers from a ruptured aneurysm while in Japan

When he is 30 years old, Amaury decides to take a year off and travel through Japan. For total peace of mind, he subscribes to a long-term travel assistance contract before he leaves...
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11/22/2008 - Lucky escape from Mumbai for young Aussie couple

An exciting post-graduation holiday soon turned into a nightmare, when Kate Anstee and her boyfriend, David Coker became injured in Mumbai.
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7/11/2008 - The customer was overwhelmed with the service and expressed his gratitude for the service provided in such a situation when most local service providers refused to help

Stuck in flood, a customer called to recover his car. A team of three Mondial representatives were sent from Hyderabad to Kurnool. While in transit they discovered that all roads were damaged, and in fact the bridge running over Tungabhadra River, connecting Kurnool & Hyderabad was also broken.
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