Our history

Our history

In 1950 in Switzerland, when people began traveling more, a team of forward thinking business pioneers created Elvia Travel Insurance. This year marked the beginning of our story in helping people. Twenty-four years later in 1974, SACNAS-Mondial Assistance was founded in France and our helping reached a new level. The creation of SACNAS-Mondial Assistance paralleled the development of the assistance business, which, in addition to travel insurance, included roadside, medical and repatriation assistance. In 1979, AGF became a shareholder in Mondial Assistance.

During the 1980s and 1990s, still as two separate entities (Elvia and Mondial Assistance), we accompanied our corporate clients through their own shifting business models. As they grew geographically, so did we, developing first in Europe and then gradually throughout the rest of the world. In 1995, Elvia joined Germany’s Allianz Group.
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In 2000, Elvia Travel Insurance and SACNAS-Mondial Assistance successfully merged and created our group as we know it today. With nearly 80 years of combined experience and know-how, we became the leading world provider of assistance, travel insurance and customer services.

We acquired World Access in the United States in April 2000 and Worldcare Travel Insurance in Australia a year later.

In 2007, we hit a landmark year. On 1 January, our four French companies—Mondial Assistance, France Secours, Elvia and SSC—merged to form Mondial Assistance, a unique entity and brand. In doing so, we confirmed and solidified our position in France. And true to our goal to grow internationally, we opened offices in Mexico and India. We also acquired Medvantis, a medical call centre in Switzerland. We registered our Russian office in 2007 and began operations there on 1 March 2008.

Since late 2010, our global group has been migrating to the Allianz Global Assistance brand to leverage continued growth from the international strength of the Allianz brand.