Lucky escape from Mumbai

Lucky escape from Mumbai for young Aussie couple


An exciting post-graduation holiday soon turned into a nightmare, when Kate Anstee and her boyfriend, David Coker became injured in Mumbai.
The very first stop on Kate and David’s holiday was India, and it was here that they were injured during the shootings in the Café Leopold attack in Mumbai.

While the couple were rushed to hospital, Kate’s mother, called Mondial Assistance, the emergency medical assistance provider of their travel insurance policy, to advise our Medical Assistance team that her daughter and boyfriend, David had been injured.

Kate was admitted to intensive care with a bullet wound that had fractured her thigh. David’s injuries were not as serious; however a bullet had grazed his thigh, so he was examined to ensure there were no complications.

During Kate’s time in hospital, our Indian medical agent appointed by Mondial Assistance assisted in translating medical details, while our Medical Assistance team maintained contact with Kate’s parents in Australia. They also kept David updated on Kate’s medical condition. Given that the hospital resources where at full capacity as a result of the Mumbai incident, Kate had initial damage control surgery to stabilize and debride her wound.

A decision was made to repatriate Kate home for definite surgery and management of her injuries in Australia. The unsafe environment also contributed to the view of Kate and David to return home as soon as possible.

As Kate’s injuries were still quite serious, a stretcher was arranged for her on a commercial flight. Our registered nurse Michael Simms ensured Kate and David’s safe arrival at an Australian hospital by accompanying them on their flight from Mumbai to Australia.

Upon returning to Australia Kate had the necessary surgery which was covered by her health insurance, while David underwent another examination, only to discover that he still had pieces of shrapnel in his leg and buttock, that weren’t removed at the Indian hospital. Needless to say, both Kate and David are happy to be home and are recovering well, with the support of family and friends.

Kate and David avoided around $60,000 worth of medical and cancellation expenses. As well as receiving reassurance and support during what can only be described as a terrifying experience, having a travel insurance policy helped avoid at least $60,000 in medical expenses.