Travel insurance

The penetration of ecommerce and online assistance in the travel industry has grown dramatically in the last three years and we see this market as continuing to follow a steep growth path. This makes distribution of ancillary products online an attractive business opportunity and our global expertise in this area can deliver customised solutions to airlines and online travel agents.

In association with Bajaj Allianz, we offer comprehensive travel insurance solutions for both domestic and international travellers who make purchases through travel provider websites.

Our presence across the globe and our many decades of experience in this line of business makes us the ideal choice for any business partner.

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Emergency medical assistance for travellers

At the heart of our travel insurance business is also our global expertise in emergency medical assistance.

We have a multilingual global team of doctors and nurses who help travellers when they become ill or when they are injured away from home—this is what sets our travel insurance apart from other travel insurance products.

Our medical teams operate on a 24 hour, seven days a week basis. Experienced and empathetic case managers handle national and international medical assistance cases each day, ensuring that everyone who contacts us for help receives the highest level of service in what can be a distressing and highly emotional time.