Our network

Our network

We have a national network of quality-assured partners from towing companies, rental car companies to automotive dealers. We invest significant time and resources in initial and ongoing training for all members of our network. Our specialist team assesses, selects, trains and manages all of our network employees and service provider partners—regularly monitoring their performance to ensure that they continually meet our highest quality standards.

Keeping in mind the vehicles at risk in each city in India, we employ advanced statistical tools as to plan local infrastructure requirements. This ensures that the customer-in-need receives help in the best possible turnaround time.

Allianz Global Assistance operates a custom-built fleet of flat bed roadside recovery trucks for towing services in India. This fleet is designed to international standards and under the close scrutiny of our network team. The fleet is owned and operated by us.

In addition to the roadside recovery trucks, we also operate a fleet of customer service vehicles and two-wheel rapid response units. Such a fleet enables minor repairs to be handled at the roadside. Our customer service vehicles are capable of delivering all possible repairs at the roadside. These cars can also be used as a taxis should customers require transport elsewhere.

We understand that traffic conditions in large cities is a major challenge and to avoid customers waiting for a long time for assistance, our two-wheel rapid response vehicles that can penetrate traffic and congested areas and reach customers quickly. These motorcycles are equipped with all standard equipment required to deliver on-road repair along with a battery pack that will help start immobilised vehicles.