Customer and prospect management

Customer and prospect management

With more than fifty years of experience and a customer-centred mindset, Allianz Global Assistance offers our clients holistic solutions for all customer engagement activities.

Customer relationship management

Integrated database management, data cleansing, prospect tracking, complaint management—whatever your CRM needs, we can tailor solutions to meet the specifics of your customers’ activities. We understand the importance and potential of database management and integration in maximising the effectiveness of your CRM activities.

Our current activities for vehicle manufacturers and larger dealer groups include:

  • retail delivery advice detail verification

  • service customer detail verification

  • customer information lines

  • customer complaint lines

  • technical advice lines

  • customer satisfaction surveys

  • concierge services

  • integration of multiple customer data sources

Voice and non-voice based activities

We offer services that cover both voice and non-voice activities allowing us to offer a selection of client services, tailored to your requirements to help you attain business objectives in:

  • centralisation of all contact centre services in one location
  • creation of customer delight through consistent delivery of high quality services
  • outsourcing non-core activities to specialists to drive cost efficiencies.

We have expertise in creating value for our clients’ business by operating one-stop-service hotlines for all customer requirements. This centralised help line can handle/provide:

  • customer feedback and grievances

  • delivery of product-related information to prospective customers

  • exploration of cross-selling opportunities

Claims management

We can manage the entire claims process—from the first call to the final settlement recommendation of the claim. We currently provide these services to one of the leading general insurance companies in India.

Data processing

Our team offers a perfect blend of expertise and experience to manage both strategic and tactical services for the complete data life cycle. This combination can help an organisation develop a new business line and also enhance existing business operations through continuous improvement.

We offer comprehensive, high quality and low cost services ideally suited to any volume application. We have skilled and experienced teams to efficiently handle any type of complex data with dynamism, we have expertise for data entry, online data entry, offline data entry, data mining, data cleansing, data processing, data conversion and data extraction.

Assisting a wide variety of industries and clients ranging from manufacturers to service providers, we help tackle data processing challenges such as summarising information into intelligent formats, generating important summary statistics on data, and creating powerfully illustrated data sets and tables. By combining the competency of our people with state-of-the-art technology we deliver substantial cost savings and productivity gains for our clients.