Automotive services

Automotive services

In India, we are the leading provider of premium automotive assistance services and we currently work with many well-known and respected automotive manufacturers, leasing companies, dealer groups and financial institutions.

We continue to add value to their business—and their brand—by helping their customers in times of need.

As Mondial Assistance India we believe we demonstrated a strong pioneering, innovative and customised approach to doing business with our partners. As Allianz Global Assistance India, we will augment that with the strength, reach and operational excellence of the Allianz brand.

The specialist automotive assistance teams we recruit not only have professional skills and qualifications, they are adept communicators. They are accustomed to providing intuitive, emotional support in times of need and will be there always for customers in need. 

Know more about our Roadside Assistance Services for Retail customers. 

Roadside assistance

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We offer dedicated services to car manufacturers, insurance companies and other vehicle-related organisations to develop and maintain higher levels of service and customer loyalty among their customers when their vehicle is immobilised after a breakdown or an accident.

On-the-spot assistance, hotel and travel arrangements, or the provision of a replacement vehicle, we help to transform a bad moment into a positive experience.

Our partners trust us to be their brand in the eyes of their customers. We respect that trust completely and our focus is on building customer relationships that continue to embrace and enhance our partner’s brand.

We have a proven and sophisticated ability to manage complex networks of high quality providers and connect them with customers in need, wherever they are in India.

When a customer calls us for help, they will have an exceptional brand experience—a premium and caring customer experience that will immediately put them at ease and remind them of the core reasons they purchased the automotive brand in the first place. Our dedicated team of specialised assistance coordinators provides immediate roadside assistance to customers, anywhere in India, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

To complement our core roadside assistance service, including breakdowns of any kind, battery failure, flat tyres, lockouts/lost keys and running out of fuel, our customised solutions offer many additional customer assistance services including:

  • accommodation benefits

  • rental vehicles

  • alternative transport arrangements

  • vehicle relocation

  • accident coordination

  • urgent message relay

  • alteration of travel bookings

  • medical advice

  • legal advice

Our professional consultants in our 24-hour, 365 day-a-year operations centre, use in-house expertise and our vast network of approved service providers to expertly coordinate this range of services. We can assist you in developing a fully tailored program to maximise customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty—all in your brand's name.

Accident management

Also provided under your brand name, we offer accident management services as another opportunity to ease your customer’s stress and inconvenience by managing the repair process for them—from the time of the accident to when the vehicle is ready for the road again.

Our accident management services can be customised to deliver the benefits you consider most important for you and your customers. Whether it is easing the inconvenience and uncertainty involved in filing a claim, managing the repair process, ensuring that vehicles are repaired to your highest standards, or maximising the opportunities for your repair network, we have a solution just for you.

A service specially designed for automotive manufacturers, leasing companies and other vehicle-related organisations, our accident management professionals accompany your customers through difficult and often stressful experiences.

From offering sound advice and comfort during the initial call and relaying messages to concerned family members and business colleagues, to arranging rental vehicles and other services and entitlements, we make sure that your brand delivers a positive service experience to your customers every time.

Extended warranty management

You can continue your relationship with your customers well beyond the warranty period with a range of innovative extended warranty management programs designed to increase customer loyalty.

When a customer's new vehicle warranty program ends, you still have many opportunities to maintain a strong relationship with them and provide them with an excellent range of comprehensive services. Our post-warranty solutions include:

  •  manufacturer branded post-warranty programs

  •  dealer branded used car programs

  •  continuity of lease/finance branded services through to the end of the contract

  •  inclusion of roadside assistance in extended warranty programs.

We can manage the whole cycle on your behalf:

  • program registration distribution

  • renewal distribution

  • active outbound telemarketing

  • customer payment

  • customer material fulfilment.

The benefits of quality services delivered under your name, rather than through a generic roadside assistance membership, can continue well past the expiry date of a new vehicle warranty. We help keep your customers in your database, and your brand in contact with your customers.